John Wren: “Creativity has never been the endgame for Omnicom”

John Wren

John Wren, president and chief executive of Omnicom, shares his tips on the campaigns that will “take our breath away” at Cannes.

I was deeply saddened by the passing of David Abbott. His writing talent is, of course, legendary but, upon recently re-reading his wonderful retirement speech, I was taken by his advice: care about each other and care about quality in everything you do, down to the finest detail. People and quality.

This year at Cannes, we will see a lot of outstanding work from all over the world. My prediction is that the winners will be those campaigns that excel in combining creativity with technology and the human element. Those will be the ones that take our breath away.

Abbott had it right. People and quality. That’s what makes Cannes worth the trip this year and every year.

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