Leave time for the unexpected at Cannes

feat-Atmosphere-15-06-2014-(44)The good news is the sun doesn’t really set till about 10pm in Cannes. The bad news is most of us need every minute of daylight to squeeze in all the meetings, parties, lunches, cocktails, coffees, seminars, “confabs,” breakfasts, awards presentations, roundtables and rosé’s we’ve committed to over the past month.

Was it always like this? People reminisce about the days when Cannes was less structured and more social, like summer camp for creatives. That was before the clients and the media turned it into a business. Then, the story goes, the focus was on meeting your overseas counterparts and discovering the best advertising from around the world.But today, we don’t need festivals for that. Now we arrive familiar with the work coming out of Sao Paolo, Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Budapest and so on. We’ve met Murilo and Monty the Penguin. We’ve seen Intermarche’s Inglorious Fruits and the 2 Euro T-shirt. And often, we’ve met the people behind them, too. So things have changed, but maybe not for the worse.

Still, it’s important to leave time for the unexpected. Cannes is, for all its faults, still the greatest gathering of advertising minds on earth. So blow off a meeting, sneak out of a party, skip a seminar, or generally go missing for an hour. And if you see something unexpected, share it with us on @CampaignliveUS.

Just be patient if we don’t reply right away. We’re probably in a meeting.

Douglas Quenqua, editor-in-chief, Campaign US