Data will collide with creativity at Cannes this year

WEB_Nivea_protection_adDeann Harvey, vice-president, EMEA at Sizmek, believes that this year’s Cannes Lions Festival marks an era in which data and creativity will collide.

In his latest opinion piece for The Wall, Brand Republic’s dedicated digital marketing and technology blog, Harvey explores why marketers should be making the most of stored information in order to push the boundaries of creativity, and how brands like Nivea have successfully adopted this approach.

Great creativity captures consumer attention; but is creative thinking enough to ensure ads are effective? While creativity is key to the engagement levels of ads, vast stores of marketing information is now available for marketers to utilise.

Data-led insights enable marketers to target ads to relevant consumers and use post-campaign analysis to enhance future campaigns. It is inevitable that creativity and data will collide at Cannes this year, but the result will be a powerful amalgamation of the two forces.

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  • john p woods

    He served his apprenticeship. In these instant gratification times how many do that?

  • Dave Trott

    Just shows you how much more you learn by starting out in the mailroom John.
    Like Frank Lowe, Charlie Saatchi, Peter Mead, Ed McCabe, Mike Yershon, Jerry Della Femina…. 

  • neil christie

    The other notable thing about Geffen’s success is that he focused on the talent. Asylum was a place where creative people could do their best work in the knowledge that it was a supportive organisation that wouldn’t interfere and wouldn’t rip them off. Geffen Records did the same thing again with a new generation of artists. (Although there was that regrettable blip when Geffen sued Neil Young for being creatively unpredictable.) When he started in the movie business with Dreamworks, he again partnered with the best talent he could find. Find the best creative people and build a place where they can do their best work. Simple. Seems like a plan that could also work for the advertising business.

    This documentary ‘Inventing David Geffen’ is worth watching if you’re interested in his story and in managing a creative business in general.