10 surprising facts about app usage at Cannes: Joule Mobile

cannes_mobile_614Which country boasts the biggest party animals? What are people doing while some of the world’s most engaging speakers are on stage?  How late are people sleeping as the week wears them down? Who’s most active early in the morning? What are people looking for after 8:30 pm?

Joule Mobile, relaunched this month by WPP’s tenthavenue, has been analysing mobile usage at Cannes and has the answers to these burning questions and more.

This month WPP’s tenthavenue relaunched Joule Mobile as a full-service mobile marketing agency that is set up to specifically answer brands’ mobile needs. The company aims to help brands and agencies deliver smart, dynamic creative based on how people are actually using their phones, enabling a more relevant experience to entice interaction.

This week at Cannes, Joule has been looking at the behaviours displayed by people in Cannes on their mobile phones, and has shared its findings both over Twitter and exclusively with Campaign Asia-Pacific.

Here are 10 at least somewhat surprising nuggets pulled from Joule’s big-data analysis:.

1. Early risers

Despite the famously late nights, on average people have been up and at it 24 per cent earlier (checking news on their mobile) toward the end of Cannes Lions (Wednesday and Thursday) than they were on Monday and Tuesday. [Perhaps they never went to bed? -Ed.]

2. Party like they do in Lisbon

We may infer that the Portuguese are the biggest party animals, with 33 per cent interacting on their phones past 2:30 am.

3. The kids are all right

4. You must chill

22 per cent of users signing on at 8.30 am are checking relaxation apps. Hangover tips?

5. Who’s paying attention?

Despite peak speaking talent appearing at 2:30 in the afternoon, 12 per cent of the mobile users in Cannes have been distracted, using gaming apps.

6. Guess what, mom?

69 per cent of people use messaging apps immediately after Cannes Lions awards are announced. 

7.  What the veterans speak

59 per cent of the over-55 Cannes veterans are English speakers.

8. Jet lag is a real thing

16 per cent of mobile phone users awake and operating at 8:30 am are Mandarin speakers.

9. Festival of love

10. Not gonna happen