Cannes Lions 2015: Senthil Kumar reviews The New Directors Showcase

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 08.02.10The NCD of J. Walter Thompson is floored by the opening act, and some of the work
A stunning experiment in film chain by 25 of the world’s best directors was the opening act to the annual New Directors 2015 Saatchi Showcase at the Cannes Lions.

For 25 years now, this show has championed the best new directing talent by showcasing their work on the Cannes Lions stage. And it was mind blowing to open with the world premiere of an experiment in film by famous alumni from previous years of showcases including greats like Jonathan Glazer, Michel Gondry and Jake Scott, back in the show as part of this landmark anniversary.The experiment was strung together with three simple rules to the directors: Create a 60 second film. End your film with a prop from your original showcase film. Start your film with the preceding directors prop. This prop-to-prop chain of films included a camel, reading glasses, hammer, light bulb, condoms, pipe, night dress, crucifix, tai chi outfit, taxi, red paint, mop and bucket, power drill, weightlifters chalk, flower, football, butterfly, car, rain, record, police riot shield, pistol, green man and a crane. And most of the films featured the directors themselve: a mind-numbing melting pot of explosive film talent from the last 25 years.

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