Innovation visualized with MEC’s #EmotiCannes by Jason Bruges

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 05.59.24How do you make the massive amounts of data in a campaign live room – which usually exists on a few screens – live and breath in a physical space? This was the challenge we set out to conquer with #EmotiCannes.

MEC’s #EmotiCannes is a zoomorphic art installation made up of 169 small screens that, from certain vantage points, resolve into the icon of the Cannes Festival of Creativity, the Lion. #EmotiCannes is our vision for what the live room – or next generation work spaces – will look like in the future: three dimensional and entirely responsive to the person looking at it.The installation was commissioned by MEC to celebrate their sponsorship of the inaugural Innovation Lions. Together we wanted to create a playful demonstration of how data can be taken out of the computer and into the physical environment.

Jason Bruges Studio and MEC analysed the frequency, location and quality of social media activity at Cannes to determine how the algorithm for the #EmotiCannes sculpture would work. The content is layered; when viewed from afar you experience a sea of tweets panning across the sculpture with key information highlighted, and at a glance you can determine the peaks and troughs of commentary on the festival, the highs and lows of people’s emotions. As you approach the work your position is picked up by sensors that determine your gaze and allow the viewer to drill down into the information and the individual tweets in the visual stream.

Jason Bruges Studio specialises in making data visualisation physical. This piece is designed to spark the imagination of creative people on the Croisette to push the technology even further… Imagine a world of digital furniture and chandeliers and art walls where the commentary on the world around us can be read at a glance. In an agency world where flexible working means not wanting to be tied to one space, our data could follow us everywhere. Blade Runner here we come.

Jason Bruges Studio’s #EmotiCannes sculpture can be seen in the MEC space at the inaugural Innovation Lions in the Rotonde Lerins Building.