Sound bites from Cannes: ITB Worldwide, Adrian Grenier and Dell

WEB_Cannes_sound_bitesEmma Grede, chief executive of ITB Worldwide and chair of Cannes panel

There is an exciting opportunity for the marketing industry to use well-executed partnerships to inspire action on critical issues and causes. Increasingly we are creating meaningful collaborations between brands and individuals which aim to do more than simply convey a brand’s messaging. Instead they offer mutual benefit – campaigning on key issues and causes, whilst showcasing the values and key objectives at the core of that brand.

A new breed of influencer – wielding both traditional and social media clout – is the important link in helping tell powerful stories alongside brands that deliver real social, economic and environmental benefits on the ground.


Adrian Grenier, actor

Consumers have choices to make each day. I feel it is important to use my influence, wherever I can, to advocate for a more sustainable way of living and ‘conscientious consumption’. Doing good and doing business are not mutually exclusive – I only collaborate with a brand if I feel passionate and personally connected to the cause. 

Allison Dew, vice-president of client solutions marketing at Dell

Brands can inspire social change in two big ways: leading by example and partnering to extend their reach and impact. Collaborations with influencers such as Adrian Grenier, our first social good advocate, help us reach new audiences and inspire positive change while sharing the great work Dell has done in the space for the last 30 years.