Colour disruption at Cannes

WEB_colour_disruption_WGSNWhen was the last time someone asked you: “What’s your favourite colour?”

At 4pm this Sunday in Cannes, we don’t just want to know your favourite colour, we want you to fall back in love with the myriad of possibilities it, and every other colour on the spectrum, offers.


No other aspect of creative campaigns can single-handedly have the same impact as a well-chosen colour.

Colour doesn’t actually exist. Think about that for a moment. It’s a powerful sensory experience, and in the same way we process sounds and smells, the human brain converts light to colour and emotion.

Colours used in a product or campaign can instantly engage or disengage your customer – in fact, 85% of consumers said colour was a primary reason why they bought a product.

There are plenty more numbers and proof points for the importance of the topic, but they fade into insignificance with the sheer weight of the topic itself: colour and its phenomenal impact on consumer behaviour. Think of your favourite brands or the stand-out campaigns from the past 12 months, and no doubt colour will play a huge part in your connection to those memories.

The science behind this, and commercial opportunities it opens up, as well as the emotional engagement consumers have to colour, are all topics we’ll be discussing in the Grand Palais on the very first day of Cannes Lions 2015.

On stage alongside myself, will be Creative Director of Illamasqua make-up Alex Box, Adidas’ head of global creative direction, Kathryn O’Brien, and Managing Director of colour specialists CNCS, Detlev Pross.

Between them, they’ll be offering up insight and inspiration on a topic that’s been strangely absent from the Cannes agenda in recent years.

Carla Buzasi, global chief content officer at WGSN