Hear the buzz, but don’t get stung by the creativity bee

TurnCannes Lions is the honeypot of creativity in advertising. From virtual reality to smartwatches, advertisers aren’t afraid to push boundaries when looking for new ways to engage consumers and nowhere is this more apparent than at the annual event.

One of the most interesting show-stoppers this year was Google’s inexpensive virtual-reality reader, Cardboard, which won the mobile category at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, reminding the advertising industry about the power of images, experiences and storytelling.


However, as marketers leave Cannes revved up to build even more engaging campaigns, it will be interesting to see how “big ideas” from the event reverberate into well-executed campaigns three to six months down the line. No doubt we will see some brands begin to expand their toolboxes virtually to copycat Google, but each and every investment should be measured against engagement achieved amongst the target audience to stay true to the “virtue of reality”.

Brands need to understand what content and campaigns are driving real and long-term success, not just creating a temporary buzz because they are using the newest tech. Instead, the most successful marketers will be those that think ‘audience-first’ and deliver engaging and tailored experiences that connect them more closely with the consumer.

Timing, context, channel and audience profile are all vital checkboxes that brands need to tick in order to deliver campaigns that will work. The most impactful marketing campaigns which reach the most relevant, engaged consumers are rooted in real data insights and therefore relevant in the here and now.

Helen Miall, head of marketing EMEA, Turn