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Darren Goldie, Managing Partner, Havas Media Group Consulting
 reflects on Cannes 2015

CannesPicJust as the beaches of Cannes vary depending on how far you venture from the Croisette, so too do the conversations. For the last few years one of the main topics of discussion is the ever greater presence of adtech companies at a creativity festival. As a technology gate-crasher myself, and armed with the industry-recognised white sunglasses and Panama, it was genuinely apparent that the line in the sand between all things tech and all things creative was slowly surrendering to the warm tides of Mediterranean.
Adtech companies were taking over everywhere outside the Palais. Whether it be the armada of boats at the old port, or giant ads on the front of the Carlton, nowhere it seems was safe…and it sounds like this trend is going to keep happening as I heard multiple folk promise that they’d have a boat next year; some even two boats so they can keep their valuable berth!

Hear the buzz, but don’t get stung by the creativity bee

TurnCannes Lions is the honeypot of creativity in advertising. From virtual reality to smartwatches, advertisers aren’t afraid to push boundaries when looking for new ways to engage consumers and nowhere is this more apparent than at the annual event.

One of the most interesting show-stoppers this year was Google’s inexpensive virtual-reality reader, Cardboard, which won the mobile category at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, reminding the advertising industry about the power of images, experiences and storytelling.