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Indonesia ready for Cannes challenge

bloodbookCultural reticence to standing out has traditionally kept Indonesia agencies from excelling in awards shows. Will this year’s Cannes be a turning point?

Indonesia is a collectivist society, which is taught from early on not to be too outspoken and to not stand out of the crowd. “We are humble to an extent of sometimes being under-confident,” explained DD “Lulut” Asmoro, CEO of JWT Indonesia. “To create and then showcase work that is path-breaking and sets us apart from the world is a complete antithesis of our cultural upbringing.”

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APAC Cannes predictions – Tham Khai Meng


WEB_Campaign_Asia_Cannes_blogCampaign Asia-Pacific asked a series of leading creatives with ties to Asia to cite the work from APAC they expect to see winning metal this year. Tham Khai Meng, worldwide chief creative officer for Ogilvy & Mather, chose this touching video from MetLife Hong Kong (by Soho Square Thailand) as one of his top picks.

“We see an adorably sweet little girl write a load of sugary stuff in school about her dad. Here we go, I think, we are on the train to Sentimental Cheesecake Land. But no, the train changes track, the commercial subverts your expectations beautifully.”

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