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Cannes TV: Campaign’s Cannes survival guide


WEB_Campaign_Cannes_survival_guideFirst time to Cannes Lions this year? Unsure what to expect as you bask in the 30-degree heat?

Aussie “survivalist” Andrew Galak, who will be presenting Campaign’s TV content throughout the duration of the festival, has done the hard work for you.

Gathering vital tips from the Campaign editorial team, this Cannes survival guide video is an essential watch before you head to the French Riviera. Read more on Cannes TV: Campaign’s Cannes survival guide…

Creative crowdsourcing – what you didn’t know

McDonald's Crowdsourced packagingCannes Lions might be an annual celebration of current and future trends in global creativity, but what about our creative heritage? Crowdsourcing is having a dynamic impact on creative industries today, but here are a few things that you might not know about its past


Toyota ran a public logo and naming competition to make the brand appeal internationally, receiving about 27,000 entries. Today, the contest is seen as one of the milestones in the company history as it led to the change from “Toyoda” as the company was known, to “Toyota”. Read more on Creative crowdsourcing – what you didn’t know…

Cannes TV: Worst experiences at Cannes 2014


Untitled-1Sometimes it’s good to reflect on the bad points of an industry event. A number of Cannes Lions 2014 delegates shared their worst moments with us last year, including a swimming pool faux pas and missing out on talks and awards, as well as a close-call worst experience that turned out pretty well.

Maurice Levy, chairman and chief executive of Publicis Groupe, explained that the torture of being nearby swimming pools and beaches, but not actually using them, grates on him every year at Cannes. Especially when he has meetings. Read more on Cannes TV: Worst experiences at Cannes 2014…

Cannes TV: Campaign’s beach party 2014


WEB_Cannes_2014_Campaign_beach_partyAhead of this year’s Cannes Lions festival, which kicks off in less than two weeks (21-27 June), we take a look back at the highlights as noted by industry peers from the 2014 event.

A number of delegates shared their experiences from the festival at last year’s Campaign magazine beach party. Clare Bowen, head of creative development at the Radio Advertising Bureau, said the joy of coming out to Cannes 2014 was seeing what the advertising industry looked like internationally. Read more on Cannes TV: Campaign’s beach party 2014…

Changing the conversation at Cannes Lions

4N0A2842 Cannes Lions – playground of the creatives – is an illustrious celebration of industry innovation and illuminating ideas. So how does technology fit into the festival mix?

The organisers  are ahead of the curve. This year’s event includes the new Innovation Festival that recognises the mind-blowing technology and data behind some of the world’s most creative ideas.

So why are some traditionalists concerned that increased discussions around programmatic, data and social networks – at an event renowned for creativity and innovation – could overshadow the true essence of the festival? Read more on Changing the conversation at Cannes Lions…

The hype around Episode VII of the Cannes PR Lions


In a galaxy, not so far away, PR and Star Wars share common interests, according to PR Week.

Lynne Anne Davis, president of Asia-Pacific, FleishmanHillard and president of the Cannes PR Lions jury, has cleverly come up with five reasons why PR is the future, featuring some subtle Star Wars references along the way.

The feature also highlights comments from three industry experts as to what there should be more and less of at Cannes 2015, as well as comments from Todd Cullen, chief data officer at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, on how the role of data has evolved. Read more on The hype around Episode VII of the Cannes PR Lions…