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Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark on the ‘artificial divide’ between creativity and effectiveness

Screen shot 2015-06-15 at 11.23.39In pursuing effectiveness, brands and agencies often disconnect creativity from the process – and marketing testing and measurement tools are partly to blame. This divide must be bridged, Wendy Clark argues in the third of our series on creative effectiveness.

Jim Collins, the author of Built To Last and Good To Great, has a powerful tenet in his thinking. It’s called “the genius of the ‘and’”. Collins states that the truly visionary companies of the 21st century are able to embrace both ends of a continuum: continuity and change, stability and revolution, predictability and chaos, heritage and renewal etc.

And while he didn’t say it, for those of us in the advertising industry, I’m adding my own “and” here: creativity and effectiveness. Read more on Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark on the ‘artificial divide’ between creativity and effectiveness…

APAC Cannes predictions – Tham Khai Meng


WEB_Campaign_Asia_Cannes_blogCampaign Asia-Pacific asked a series of leading creatives with ties to Asia to cite the work from APAC they expect to see winning metal this year. Tham Khai Meng, worldwide chief creative officer for Ogilvy & Mather, chose this touching video from MetLife Hong Kong (by Soho Square Thailand) as one of his top picks.

“We see an adorably sweet little girl write a load of sugary stuff in school about her dad. Here we go, I think, we are on the train to Sentimental Cheesecake Land. But no, the train changes track, the commercial subverts your expectations beautifully.”

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Cannes Lions’ feminist agenda: we need a culture-change shaped by marketing

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 13.37.04Gender is high on the Cannes Lions agenda because a culture-change driven by marketing messaging is needed, according to Senta Slingerland, brand strategy director at Lions Festivals.

For 62 years, Cannes Lions has celebrated creativity – first in TV advertising, then also in print, media and online brand messaging; now also in design, PR and innovation. Read more on Cannes Lions’ feminist agenda: we need a culture-change shaped by marketing…

Desperate to win awards? There’s no shame in that

CannesMain-20150527061825121I was watching TV during the Cannes film festival last month when an A-list actor gave the best defence of industry awards I’ve ever heard.
The actor was on the red carpet at the Croisette and a journalist asked what he thought about people making films or picking roles because they wanted to win awards.

I don’t remember who the actor was because I was multi-screening at the time and doing a bad job of retaining the information on either channel. Also, I’d been drinking. But that’s not the point. The important thing is that the actor said he thought being motivated by awards and kudos was a good thing because, if you take away recognition and praise, the only other reason to make a movie is for the money. And where’s the joy in that? Read more on Desperate to win awards? There’s no shame in that…

Cannes – Absence aids perspective

Port of Cannes, France.

Port of Cannes, France.

It’s always good to have a sense of perspective. And Cannes is a great place to lose it.

I’ll be heading back there after a three-year absence on 22 June. We’ve chosen to represent Maxus with a mixture of our Young Guns (some of our brightest talent) with our Establishment (that’s mainly older people like me). We’ll be comparing our very different perspectives on the festival and the work through the week as it all unfolds.

All of our attendees would seem to share some of the attributes that have powered our growth in recent years: entrepreneurship and agility.

The very same attributes are required when working for a start-up, which is what I did since late 2012, and it’ll be interesting to draw some comparisons with Cannes week this time around. Read more on Cannes – Absence aids perspective…

Leave time for the unexpected at Cannes

feat-Atmosphere-15-06-2014-(44)The good news is the sun doesn’t really set till about 10pm in Cannes. The bad news is most of us need every minute of daylight to squeeze in all the meetings, parties, lunches, cocktails, coffees, seminars, “confabs,” breakfasts, awards presentations, roundtables and rosé’s we’ve committed to over the past month.

Was it always like this? People reminisce about the days when Cannes was less structured and more social, like summer camp for creatives. That was before the clients and the media turned it into a business. Then, the story goes, the focus was on meeting your overseas counterparts and discovering the best advertising from around the world. Read more on Leave time for the unexpected at Cannes…

Harvey Nichols wins a FOURTH Grand Prix for “sorry I spent it on myself”

Adam&Eve/DDB has won another Grand Prix award at Cannes Lions 2014 for “sorry I spent it on myself” for Harvey Nichols, by being awarded the onlly Grand Prix in this year’s Integrated category.
 The award – which is the highest category of lions accolades at Cannes – adds to Adam&Eve’s Film Grand Prix, Promo and Activation Grand Prix and Press Grand Prix. It won in the press and promo categories earlier in the week, and picked up a Film Grand Prix tonight.

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