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The last 5 years of Cannes Lions and the media

Arif Durrani, head of media at Campaign magazine, and editor of Media Week, takes a look back at five years of the Cannes Lions Festival and the pinnacle moments from each year.

The annual sojourn to the French Riviera means different things for different people.

For agencies of course, first and foremost, it means competition. From who has the best villa to who throws the best party, and who “wins” the social media buzz, to who has the most famous guest and, of course, who gets invited to the Campaign party. Oh yes, and there’s the the small matter of the roar of those industry defining, career-making Lions awards. Read more on The last 5 years of Cannes Lions and the media…

The age of turbulence

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You know that feeling of butterflies you get in your stomach when the pilot flying the plane you’re sitting in says “we’re now going to experience some turbulence?” I’ve got that same adrenaline fuelled feeling now, as I contemplate the forthcoming debut of the Cannes Lions Innovation Festival, where technology, creativity and data will collide for two days on La Croisette.

And it’s a feeling I – and you – better get used to because, as creativity campaigner Sir Ken Robinson recently said, we’re living in “The Age of Turbulence”. While this word conjures up all sorts of uncertain connotations, I see a huge amount of positive, exciting potential in it in relation to the marketing and advertising industry.

To me it’s synonymous with being fast moving, dynamic, agile but – most of all – innovative because, in this brave new brand world, we must think in fresh and different ways or we (and our work) will wither. The whole notion of what it means to be a creative, a marketer and a communicator is in turmoil and, in that turmoil, lies huge opportunity for those courageous enough to grab it. Read more on The age of turbulence…