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Brands with issues are big winners at Cannes

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 09.50.09Cause and issue-based advertising is winning bigger than ever this year at Cannes, reflects Chris Baylis from Iris Worldwide.
If you want a Lion, find a cause or tackle an issue, which one are you going to pick and what’s left to own?

Are brands being cynical and getting behind causes to bag awards, or does this trend mean brands and agencies are being persuaded by their peers to give more back?

Remember Fight Club? There is a scene where Helena Bonham Carter and Ed Norton decide what support groups they are going to attend to get the intimacy and emotional intensity they crave. Read more on Brands with issues are big winners at Cannes…

‘We’re at beginning of working out ethics of the internet’, says online abuse victim

download (13)Emma Holten, a Danish writer and activist who was a victim of revenge porn, claimed the internet “reproduces the worst issues” of society at a riveting debate in Cannes last night.

The topic of the debate, hosted by Ogilvy Do and Intelligence Squared was, should one be prepared to face the consequences of broadcasting their life online by, for example, posting pictures on social media.

Arguing for the motion, were author, broadcaster and design consultant Stephen Bayley and Scott Galloway, the clinical professor at the New York University Stern School of Business.

Galloway’s points centred on the fact that everything involves risk and that you make a choice about whether the benefits of a technology outweigh the risks.

He argued: “If you spend a lot of time trying to convince people that you are damn interesting – like celebrities do” then you give up the right to decide when and where you get to draw the line. Read more on ‘We’re at beginning of working out ethics of the internet’, says online abuse victim…

Amsterdam’s creative leaders collaborate at Cannes Lions festival

01Amsterdam’s finest creative leaders launched the Embassy of Dutch Creativity, a pavilion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The initiative builds on a long tradition of international trade and collaboration. More than thirty creative agencies collectively connected with the festival’s international crowd, sharing Amsterdam’s open culture and creative spirit.

Amsterdam’s cultural diversity attracts creative talent from around the world, making it a hotbed for innovation in advertising, design, media, technology. Brands like Heineken, Nike and Playstation all thrive on the city’s vibrant mix of cultures and disciplines, which have made advertising and design one of its most important export products. Read more on Amsterdam’s creative leaders collaborate at Cannes Lions festival…

Cannes Lions 2015: Heineken on creativity: ‘The future belongs to the 7+ advertising’

download (1)Soren Hagh and Gianluca Di Tondo on how the ‘Creative Marketer of the Year’ approaches creativity
Wrapping up day five of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2015 were Soren Hagh, executive director global marketing, Heineken International and Gianluca Di Tondo, senior brand director, global Heineken brand. The duo spoke about the importance of creativity to the company that won the Creative Marketer of the Year title.

Hagh said, “We have a deep belief the great creativity starts with a decision. Unless you demand creativity, and demand greatness, you don’t get them. The Heineken family (yes, it’s still a family-owned business) has made it clear; it’s about delivering great creativity. Beer was always sold in round bottles. This is in Green bottles. So, decisions like this have always been made. We believe in great beer. There are many different ways of making beer, but we believe that good beer is at the heart of what we do. Our beer takes longer to brew and has more expensive ingredients. But, we need to do these things to work.” Read more on Cannes Lions 2015: Heineken on creativity: ‘The future belongs to the 7+ advertising’…

Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark on that Mad Men tie-up and using Coke as a parenting tool

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 06.52.53Bravery and belief are key to successful brands and careers in marketing, according to Wendy Clark, president of sparkling brands and strategic marketing at Coca-Cola North America.
Speaking at a masterclass at the Cannes Lions, Clark used the tie-up with the last-ever episode of Mad Men, which ended with Coca-Cola’s iconic ‘Hilltop’ ad, to illustrate how belief can work in a marketers’ favour.

She said that when Mad Men’s creator, Matthew Weiner, approached Coke to use the ad, he “didn’t tell us how it would be used and under what situation it would be used”, meaning the brand would have to cede control of what Clark describes as Coke’s ‘crown jewel’.

“You could essentially call it a fireable offence to mess with ‘Hilltop’,” she added. Read more on Coca-Cola’s Wendy Clark on that Mad Men tie-up and using Coke as a parenting tool…

Finding a fix for click tricks

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 06.44.58It’s a sure sign of the times that the conference agenda at the Cannes Lions Festival has a heavy emphasis on technology. It’s testament to the way that digital media has revolutionised the industry in just a few short years. This year’s event also plays host to a new innovation festival with a focus on data and technology.

Digital advertising is already a $140 billion plus market globally, according to Zenith Optimedia. But as we’re all aware there’s a darker side to this revolution. Digital advertising is a market still undergoing rapid change and is one where issues of trust and transparency sit alongside profound business concerns over low viewability rates, brand safety and advertising fraud. In a world where automated trading is both a certain and growing part of the digital advertising future, advertisers are rightly very concerned about value and accuracy online – did you know that Kraft, one of advertising’s big spenders, commented last year that its concerns over ad fraud, viewability and overall inventory ‘murkiness’ are causing it to reject up to 85% of all impressions offered via real-time ad marketplaces? That’s both an alarming and a depressing statistic. Read more on Finding a fix for click tricks…

The rise of the machines and the future of humanity

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 06.41.08The average marketer may have embarked for Cannes with ambitions to better master their creative strategy, but James A Whittaker, a PhD Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, took to the Croisette to question the very meaning of life.
The singularity some call it. Stephen Hawking and Steve Wozniak openly worry about it, while Bill Gates wonders why more people aren’t talking about it. This fuss is based on the belief that in the foreseeable future, machines will reach a point of sophistication that exceeds their creators.

Even if we assume intelligent machines are a foregone conclusion, the ramifications are not. What happens when we’ve created a species smarter than us, and how will we interact with them? Can we do act now to steer the future? Read more on The rise of the machines and the future of humanity…