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Finding the 2 Things Missing in Marketing to Women

gettyimages D’nae Kingsley, Head of Strategy for Trailer Park/Engine Group kicked off her presentation on “Marketing to Women in the Fourth Wave of Feminism” with a number—a big number. $12.5 trillion. That’s the aggregated income of all women around the world. It’s an impressive number, but it pales in comparison to where things will be in 2018.

By then there will be $18.5 trillion in global income from women and $40 trillion in consumer spending power at stake. Not only that, but women have disproportionate influence. Pinterest is 66% female. Tumblr is 72% female. Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are 52%, 53%, and 70% respectively. It would seem natural, then, that marketing to women would be at the top of every marketer’s agenda.

It’s not, at least according to women themselves. Study after study has found that marketing is simply not connecting. Researchers have found that up to 91% of women report that brands are not representing them. Women, Kingsley said, have been searching for the strong female character in film and TV. Of late, she’s started to appear with some regularity. Read more on Finding the 2 Things Missing in Marketing to Women…

Let’s celebrate great work, but let’s look to the future too

pic0608 - Festival Program ad

Paul Foster, senior director of creative content at Getty Images, takes a look at the next generation within our industry and how Cannes Lions can help them to succeed.

Cannes Lions is renowned as the place where the great and the good in advertising meet. While the best creative minds look to discuss the work that has defined advertising in 2015, we need to also consider what’s next.

Who will create the next ‘Like A Girl’? Who will define the creative industries a decade down the line? We need to understand what inspires the talent of tomorrow and how to nurture their ambition if we are to shape the future. Read more on Let’s celebrate great work, but let’s look to the future too…