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Cannes Perspectives: Time adland smashed the glass ceiling


Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 10.10.26David Ogilvy was wrong: advertising can do more than just reflect the mores of society – it can change them too
Today’s adults came of age when homophobia was tolerated – even encouraged – by playground peers. Today, we’re entering a new era of inclusion.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis had a number-one hit with their gay-rights anthem Same Love.

Even the often-puritanical US is hurtling towards universal re­cognition of gay marriage.

Glittering (literally) gay-pride events take place in nearly every major world city, and I am proud to say that the ad­vertising industry has been a staunch partner in the move towards the mainstreaming of gay culture. Read more on Cannes Perspectives: Time adland smashed the glass ceiling…

Brands with issues are big winners at Cannes

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 09.50.09Cause and issue-based advertising is winning bigger than ever this year at Cannes, reflects Chris Baylis from Iris Worldwide.
If you want a Lion, find a cause or tackle an issue, which one are you going to pick and what’s left to own?

Are brands being cynical and getting behind causes to bag awards, or does this trend mean brands and agencies are being persuaded by their peers to give more back?

Remember Fight Club? There is a scene where Helena Bonham Carter and Ed Norton decide what support groups they are going to attend to get the intimacy and emotional intensity they crave. Read more on Brands with issues are big winners at Cannes…

Lions winners prove Cannes has more to offer than rosé and debauchery

download (6)As I sit in recovery after few most excellent days in Cannes, and reflect on its value, I’m reminded of those that say that Cannes is the advertising industry at its most indulgent, salacious worst. Just how much pink wine can be drunk in a few short days?

But this year, it was more apparent than ever to me that all the rosé de Provence in the world can’t hide the talent, creativity and opportunity we have as an industry to make the world a better place.
With ideas such as Like a Girl for Always, I Will What I Want for Under Armour, the Ice Bucket Challenge, Life Paint for Volvo, and even the Berlin Wall of Sound in the radio category winning a Grand Prix already, it seems that ideas that have a higher purpose than simply promoting brands is now firmly the goal for brands. Read more on Lions winners prove Cannes has more to offer than rosé and debauchery…

‘We’re at beginning of working out ethics of the internet’, says online abuse victim

download (13)Emma Holten, a Danish writer and activist who was a victim of revenge porn, claimed the internet “reproduces the worst issues” of society at a riveting debate in Cannes last night.

The topic of the debate, hosted by Ogilvy Do and Intelligence Squared was, should one be prepared to face the consequences of broadcasting their life online by, for example, posting pictures on social media.

Arguing for the motion, were author, broadcaster and design consultant Stephen Bayley and Scott Galloway, the clinical professor at the New York University Stern School of Business.

Galloway’s points centred on the fact that everything involves risk and that you make a choice about whether the benefits of a technology outweigh the risks.

He argued: “If you spend a lot of time trying to convince people that you are damn interesting – like celebrities do” then you give up the right to decide when and where you get to draw the line. Read more on ‘We’re at beginning of working out ethics of the internet’, says online abuse victim…

Advertising for good: does it turn out we all want the same thing?

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 09.14.29It would be a ballsy careers counsellor who, when confronted with a student who seeks a career in an industry that is beyond moral reproach and driven by a desire to make the world a better place, recommends marketing.

Since the publication of Vince Packard’s The Hidden Persuaders (in which he famously implied admen were engaged in ‘people-manipulating activities’ that raised ‘profoundly disturbing questions about the kind of society they are seeking to build for us’), public discourse around the profession has been resoundingly wary.

Public trust in advertising tends to float around 1 out of 5, narrowly ahead of the alcohol industry but behind bankers and politicians. Read more on Advertising for good: does it turn out we all want the same thing?…

JWT London creates @cannesin140 Twitter account

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 09.08.23J. Walter Thompson London has created a Twitter site called @cannesin140, which delivers a 140-character description of every Cannes Lion Gold winning campaign – then follows that with an emoji version of that tweet.

The account gives people a simple and fun way of seeing which campaigns have won Gold awards, as well as getting an “at-a-glance” breakdown of what the campaign was. The emoji version then adds sharability and interactivity while also celebrating the fun and creativity of the festival in a modern medium.

READ MORE Read more on JWT London creates @cannesin140 Twitter account…