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Cannes Perspectives: Simplify mobile to grow creativity

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As Lions Innovation examines the role of tech in adland, here are five ways to unlock creativity in mobile.

In recent years, the very fabric of Cannes Lions has changed as digital has become more prevalent in the creative process.

Indeed, this year, the organisers of this prestigious event have responded to that change with the introduction of Lions Innovation. Read more on Cannes Perspectives: Simplify mobile to grow creativity…

Had Enough of Awards Yet?


Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 13.47.00Had Enough of Awards Yet? If not, you’ve got until July 10th to sharpen your pencils and bump up the gigs in your Dropbox.

Knowing how Cannes Lions can inspire equal parts creativity and envy, the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) has delayed its deadline for its Jay Chiat Awards  for excellence in strategic thinking in marketing and advertising until after Independence Day, and this year adds a category: “Media Strategy.”

4A’s celebrates its 19th year of the awards named for the father of the agency that still inspires us to “Think Different.” But the awards are just part of the industry’s Oct. 4-6 “StratFest” in NYC. Read more on Had Enough of Awards Yet?…

Cannes Perspectives: This article is a native ad


Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 13.25.54This piece, like all the other Cannes Perspectives, is a sponsored article. But does that make it any less credible?

Advertising has always been a troubled industry, constantly fighting its demons. For a good part of the 20th century, it’s been questioning the morality of helping to sell bad things – a theme so brilliantly explored throughout the Mad Men series.

Recently, it appears, it’s been facing a new demon. And a new moral dilemma – the one of relevance and credibility.

Separation of church and state
In the past few years, “native advertising” has been one of the most talked-about buzz phrases in the industry. While much of the most fervent hype around it has died down, the idea behind it is far from dead. And it’s not a new idea either. In fact, the very first forms of native ads looked very much like this article. Read more on Cannes Perspectives: This article is a native ad…

Creative brilliance isn’t a thing…it’s a feeling


Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 12.26.54Creative brilliance isn’t a thing…it’s a feeling. A flash behind the eyes when you see or hear something that is so good it fills you with a craving to have created it yourself.
It’s a yearning towards greatness that is part envy and part admiration – a wonderfully complicated sensation but it can be summed up in 5 simple words, “I wish I’d done that…”.
That’s how I felt when I saw this piece for AstraZeneca: A breathalyzer roadblock where they test you for asthma instead of alcohol. Simply brilliant. I really do wish I’d done it.

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What makes a creative healthcare idea brilliant?


Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 12.23.05What makes a creative healthcare idea brilliant? Three things. The head. The heart. The hands.
The head for thinking. The challenge, the insight, the opportunities and constraints of technology, the data, the problem-solving, the ROI. The heart for feeling. You have to love it or hate it. Be jealous, be scared, be inspired, be moved, be changed. Feeling is what makes us human. The hands for crafting. A simple idea remains just a simple idea if it is not touched, held, caressed, nurtured and loved to life.

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