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UK leads the way in Glass Lions shortlist at Cannes

download (3)Kate Magee, associate editor at Campaign, reports on the UK agencies that have secured entries on the first Glass Lion shortlist.

This is the first year the Glass Lion has been awarded by the Cannes International Festival Creativity. The new award recognises work that challenges gender bias. Read more on UK leads the way in Glass Lions shortlist at Cannes…

Read more on UK leads the way in Glass Lions shortlist at Cannes…

Why commercial creativity has never been more important to marketing

vj-20150622110140487In an opinion piece for Marketing magazine, Gurdeep Puri, founding partner of The Effectiveness Partnership, discusses how the creative work being showcased at Cannes Lions needs to have a commercial impact.

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” Attributed to John Wanamaker (1838-1922).

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Cannes – Absence aids perspective

Port of Cannes, France.

Port of Cannes, France.

It’s always good to have a sense of perspective. And Cannes is a great place to lose it.

I’ll be heading back there after a three-year absence on 22 June. We’ve chosen to represent Maxus with a mixture of our Young Guns (some of our brightest talent) with our Establishment (that’s mainly older people like me). We’ll be comparing our very different perspectives on the festival and the work through the week as it all unfolds.

All of our attendees would seem to share some of the attributes that have powered our growth in recent years: entrepreneurship and agility.

The very same attributes are required when working for a start-up, which is what I did since late 2012, and it’ll be interesting to draw some comparisons with Cannes week this time around. Read more on Cannes – Absence aids perspective…

Leave time for the unexpected at Cannes

feat-Atmosphere-15-06-2014-(44)The good news is the sun doesn’t really set till about 10pm in Cannes. The bad news is most of us need every minute of daylight to squeeze in all the meetings, parties, lunches, cocktails, coffees, seminars, “confabs,” breakfasts, awards presentations, roundtables and rosé’s we’ve committed to over the past month.

Was it always like this? People reminisce about the days when Cannes was less structured and more social, like summer camp for creatives. That was before the clients and the media turned it into a business. Then, the story goes, the focus was on meeting your overseas counterparts and discovering the best advertising from around the world. Read more on Leave time for the unexpected at Cannes…